Who am I?

Who am I, hmmm, good question?

My name is Derek Cross. I am firstly a husband and a father, an Engineer and occasionally a Professional Triathlete.

I live and train in Perth, Western Australia, down the Fremantle end for anyone who knows the city.

At the moment I am 36 (I was born in 1979) and have spent a good chunk of those 36 years married to a pretty girl I met in Uni. She is also an engineer and so I sort of think I have struck the jackpot with getting both brains and beauty. We have four kids, two of which are covered in fur, one meows and the other woofs. The other two are more regular bipeds, a girl (6 years old) and a boy (3 years old), and they are pretty much my entire world.
One of the four
I got my professional racing licence in March 2015, however, I still work part time. I work as something called a Process Safety Engineer (we try to stop things catching on fire and blowing up) in the Oil and Gas industry for a major Oil and Gas producer. It is something I have done for a while now and sometimes enjoy and other times wish I could be a little bit more part time.

I did my first proper triathlon in 2012 (Singapore 70.3), but I have always done sport of one kind or another. I started off as a swimmer as a teenager and then moved into rowing when I started Uni. I wasn't bad at rowing and narrowly missed the Australian U23 team in 2001. After I started work I didn't have time to fit in rowing any more and so I stopped. It wasn't until quite a few years later that I got into kayaking, which then lead to adventure racing, which then led to triathlon.

Do I wish I had started triathlon earlier, since I am now 36? Yes and no. It certainly would be nice to have had a few more years of development under my belt. But I also suspect that if I had come to this any earlier I may not have been ready, either mentally or physically. Sometimes things happen in the order in which they have to.

Why do I do this crazy thing called Triathlon? Well because I enjoy it of course. I love the training. Okay, sometimes not the running, but everything else. I love the challenge, pushing myself, getting better, pushing again. I guess you could say I am a little addicted to that side of it. And while it has taken me a while to accept it, I love the racing too. I still tie myself in knots with nerves, but once that gun goes, the mind focuses and I am in my element. Really it is as simple as that.

So that is me and this blog is my story in the world of triathlon.

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